All species of the family recorded from NSW are covered. The following are species of tropical Indo-West Pacific distribution that reach into northern NSW.

Nassarius albescens (Dunker, 1846)

Synonym Nassa bicolor Rousseau, 1854. Indo-West Pacific, to Wooli, NSW.

Nassarius babylonicus (Watson, 1882)

Indo-West Pacific, to Ulladulla, NSW; subtidal to 1,786 m. Known from NSW from only one specimen, from 549 m off Ulladulla.

Nassarius dorsatus (Roding, 1798)

Indo-West Pacific, to southern Qld. Subfossil specimens are known from bores, etc, in northern NSW.

Nassarius gaudiosus (Hinds, 1844)

Synonym Nassa mucronata A. Adams 1852. Indo-West Pacific to Woolgoolga, NSW.

Nassarius granifer (Kiener, 1834)

Indo-West Pacific, to Ballina, NSW. Rare in NSW.

Nassarius splendidulus (Dunker, 1846)

Indo-West Pacific, to central Qld. Iredale & McMichael (1962) listed this species from NSW as Niotha hawleyi Iredale, 1936, based on a specimen, probably subfossil, dredged from Sydney Harbour.


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